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Have an unwanted bee issue in Arizona? We Provide no-kill bee removal services to the entire Phoenix Valley and Surrounding areas. Since we started in 2015, and have Saved thousands of beehives!

We Save the Bees!

No matter WHERE the bees have established themselves, we can safely remove them. Every bee removal we perform, we always save the bees. We are not exterminators! With state-of-the-art tools and experience, you and the bees will be in good hands! 

Long lasting results - Guarneteed

As beekeepers ourselves, we know how bees operate. We ALWAYS remove the entire beehive (comb, bees, and all). We completely take care of the issue to prevent future issues, and each job comes with a fully comprehensive guarantee. 


We do NOT use any chemicals in our removals. We believe it is imperative to have them saved with the declining bee population. Having your bees rescued on all accounts is more effective than extermination.

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Are you looking for a solution to your bee problem? Stung and Sticky Beekeeper, LLC is here to help!

We specialize in live bee removal and bee relocation Across the Phoenix, AZ Valley. We have successfully saved thousands of beehives across the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona Valley with over six years in business. We never exterminate the bees or use harsh chemicals to remove them. Instead, we keep the bees alive and relocate them away from unwanted locations.  

We are here to take care of ANY bee problem you find yourself! We have dealt with every type of bee infestation, from inside roofs and walls to caves in the mountains. With our equipment, we can safely relocate bees out of ANY location! 

If you have a bee problem, get it done right! As bee removal experts, let us take all the bee stings and get all sticky for you. We’ll Get those bees to buzz off. Each bee rescue we do is 100% guaranteed!  

Call (623)882-5890 or visit our contact page for a free quote and consultation!

Live bee removal from wall
Beekeeper Jon removing honey comb from block wall

Hello from Jon – Arizona’s bee removal expert! 

My mission is to provide you with live bee removal in any bee situation you may find yourself in!

I’ve been keeping bees since I was 15 years old and have grown to appreciate them! 

Here at Stung and Sticky Beekeeper LLC, we take pride in providing you with quality professional care for you and your bees!

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Emily Fritsch
Emily Fritsch
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So detailed and courteous. He cleaned up any and all mess, was very careful with my home, very thorough, very honest about what would run me the best price, very knowledgeable, very flexible with scheduling. 100% satisfied with this company. Quality that is affordable! Other companies I called tried to rob me blind, but this one is AWESOME! I even got to keep some honey comb and made a jar of honey fresh from the attic lol. Amazing job.
Sheila Lynn Bloom
Sheila Lynn Bloom
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They’re great guys and a great company. When our beekeeper arrived, he had already been to 1-2 homes and had 2 buckets of bees. He took the time to move them out of the hot sun and put them in the shade. He was very detailed and considerate, and took time to answer all of our questions, even as he worked in the heat of the day. We’ve had bees under our shed 2 years ago and had to hire someone to kill them off last time because we couldn’t find anyone who could do live bee removal and we were about to go out of town. When they came back, I knew I needed to find a live bee removal company and I'm glad we researched and found Stung and Sticky. I highly recommend Stung and Sticky!
Joanna Rammell
Joanna Rammell
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We had a swarm of bees unexpectedly choose our garden/yard near the pool where the children often play. I sent a picture to Jon and within a few moments, he called me. He came out that same day and handled it all quickly and efficiently! He even called and gave me an ETA when he was done with his last job. That kind of service has gotten more and more rare as I've aged. He is a polite young man who knows the subject of bees well

Bee Removal Services We Offer!


We don’t use harmful chemicals or pesticides to kill the bees. We are beekeepers that know how to successfully take care of your bee problem WITHOUT the use of poisons WHILE keeping them alive and relocating them to a apiary for them to make a new home away from the unwanted location. Bees are very much needed and there’s really no benefit gained by having exterminated. We never kill any bee hive or swarm. To talk to an expert beekeeper call (623)882-5890.


Our results are long-lasting, as we the entire beehive AWAY from their unwanted location. That makes it practically impossible for the bees to return. We also always clean all of the comb and honey to minimize the scent the bees may have left. AND provide a comprehensive repair service and guide to reduce your chances of ever getting bees at that location to almost zero. Don’t call an exterminator who will poison the bees…. contact us to get it done right the first time! (623)882-5890


We do our best to keep our prices affordable, up-front, and competitive. As a business, we don’t offer free bee removal because removing a beehive is very labor-intensive and requires hours of labor. For a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call at (623)882-5890 or visit our contact page! In most cases, we get someone out to you the SAME DAY!

If you think you need bee removal assistance – CALL TODAY! Bees move in all at once with a minimum of two thousand and will continue to build exponentially from there. Take care of your bee issue and save them along the way by using us. Stung and Sticky Beekeeper LLC has extensive experience in every kind of Phoenix bee removal situation.

      First off, we need bees. Honey bees and all types of bees are essential to the world’s Eco-system, providing cross-pollination between plants. (Learn more on bees)

Second, using chemicals to kill off a hive doesn’t resolve the issue. It leaves all of the honey/combs that the bees have built there in their stay right where the hive was – sometimes even 100+lbs of honey and brood (the baby bees) can be left inside. With the bees dead, this causes the beeswax to melt, the brood to rot, and the honey to soften, which, if in a house, will run down the walls making a mess.

All this honey mess acts as a HIGH attractant to other bees looking for a home in the future. Bees like to live where another hive(s) have lived – we’ve seen it time and time again where bees moved right next to where an old hive was exterminated. It ALSO attracts other pests such as roaches, rats/mice, ants, etc.   

We never leave the honeycomb/brood but always take it all out to prevent future re-infestation and other problems while at the same time keeping the bees alive. Don’t call an exterminator who won’t fully take care of the situation. We are beekeepers who know bees and how to remove them from your property safely. 

Call (623)882-5890 or visit our contact page to get a free analysis and schedule an appointment with a professional beekeeper. 


Please Exercise Great Caution Around Any Bee Hive You Find Near Your Premises. The Africanized Bees, In Particular, Can Be Extremely Aggressive And Need To Be Removed By A Professional. Don’t Try To Spray Them Or Seal Them In. For Your Safety Leave The Bees Alone!

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