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We have safely removed and relocated hundreds of bee hives across the Tonopah Arizona desert. We are NOT exterminators but beekeepers. We never kill the bees or use harsh chemicals to remove the bees while being very affordable!

We will take all the bees-stings along with getting sticky as we expertly take care of your bee problem!

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Pros of Live Bee Removal

Cons of Extermination

Why Live Beehive Removal?

First off, we are in need of bees. Honey bees and all types of bees are very important to the Eco-system of the world, providing cross pollination between plants. Second, using chemicals to kill off a hive doesn’t really take care of the issue. It leaves all of the honey/comb that the bees have built there in their stay right where the hive was – sometimes even 100+lbs of honey and brood (the baby bees) can be left inside. With the bees dead this causes the beeswax to melt, the brood to rot, and the honey to soften, which, if in a house, it will run down the walls making a mess. All this honey mess acts as a HIGH attractant to other bees that may be looking for a home in the future. Bees like to live where another hive(s) have lived – we’ve seen it time and time again where bees moved right next to where an old hive was exterminated. It ALSO attracts other pests such as roaches, rats/mice, ants, etc. We never leave the honeycomb/brood but always take it all out to prevent future re-infestation and other problems while at the same time keeping the bees alive. Don’t call an exterminator who won’t fully take care of the situation. We are beekeepers that know bees and know how to safely remove them from your property. Call (623)882-5890 or visit our contact page to get a free analysis and schedule a appointment with a professional beekeeper. 


Please Exercise Great Caution Around Any Bee Hive You Find Near Your Premises. The Africanized Bees, In Particular, Can Be Extremely Aggressive And Need To Be Removed By A Professional. Don’t Try To Spray Them Or Seal Them In. For You Safety Leave The Bees Alone!

I see bees...what's going on??

There are three things that could be going on….

1. It could be a beehive …that would be where the bees have built a home. A colony of bees can have anywhere between 10,000-100,000 bees. They can build almost anywhere…inside your attic space, under a shed, caves, hollow tree or hanging from the outside of a tree branch, on a eave or soffit, inside walls or water boxes etc. We’ve even seen them inside of a sewer! You might just see a few bees going in and out of a small crack as they collect nectar and pollen and bring it back to the hive…but don’t think that’s all there is! There could be over 100+ lbs of honey and THOUSANDS of bees. The beehive could also be fully or partly exposed…i.e building on a tree branch. We always recommend getting them removed as soon as you can because they continue to grow and expand. The queen in the summer can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day; growing the colony exponentially. If it looks like you have beehive don’t hesitate to talk to a beekeeper at (623)882-5890

Large exposed beehive on tree branch
swarm of bees on tree branch in phoenix, Arizona

2. A bee swarm…this is a bee colony that is looking for a new home. They haven’t started to collect honey and build their beeswax yet. They typically are hanging from some object (in the picture they are hanging from a tree branch) they all cling together and form a “ball” of bees. They are sending out scout bees to look for a new home in the nearby area as the rest hang together protecting the queen bee. In some cases they can decide to stay right where they are as well. If you have a swarm always have a professional beekeeper relocated them immediately ESPECIALLY if they are on your house (this can mean they are in the process of moving in) For bee swarm removal anywhere in the phoenix valley call (623)882-5890 today!

++We have a flat rate fee for swarm removal for $100 if the bees are in the greater phoenix valley, fully exposed, and not higher than 15 ft.++

3. Bees Scouting or pollinating. A scout bee is looking for nectar, pollen, water, or a new home for a swarm. If you see bees flying around a flowering tree or bush chances are they are pollinating the flowers and bring the nectar back to their hive to be made into honey. The same with pools of standing water….the bees are just getting water. 

If you see bees trying to get into somewhere in your house, block wall…basically anywhere the bees could find a place to build. its a possibility that they are scout bees sent out by a swarm to look for a new home. For any questions about any bee activity you are having around your property feel free to call us at (623)882-5890 and if need we’ll come out and check out what’s going on a do a full property inspection. 

save the bees in phoenix
honey bee scouting


If you have a bee infestation they will continue to build and expand. The longer you leave the hive the more problems you will have as it gets bigger! Get them out ASAP!

-Service Area Index-

**We Provide Services Outside Of These Listed Cities (Tuscon, Case Grande, Prescott Valley, Camp Verde, Etc)…Just Give Us A Call. *Note* Extra Trip Charges May Apply.**

-Africanized bees-

There is a lot of hype about the Africanized bee. And yes, we do have them in Arizona but to be able to tell for sure what type of bee they are the bees must be taken to a lab and can’t be differentiated by looking at them. Even though a lot of the hives in Arizona have some Africanization in them not all bees in Arizona are Africanized. The Africanized bee is a honey bee…just like there are different types of dog kinds and the different kinds of dogs have different attributes like some are known to be more aggressive than others. The same is with Africanized bees…there are more aggressive than some other breeds of honey bees like Italian honey bees. Not all Africanized beehives are as aggressive as other Africanized beehive…there are different levels of aggressiveness in each beehive. That being said, we deal with the Africanized bees all the time and there is no need for them to be exterminated…we need all bees. Give us a call at (623)882-5890


Flat Rate swarm removal or inspection/bee proofing.

**Swarm must be in the greater phoenix valley and no higher than 18 feet high.**

For beehive removal call (623)882-5890 for a free quote. We are very reasonable, most of our jobs  range between $150-350 depending on how long the bees have been there and it’s location. 

We provide bee removal services outside of the phoenix area for a service fee.

How We Remove The Bees


The First Step Is To Locate The Nesting Area If They Are Not Exposed. Often Considerable Investigation Is Required To Locate The Location Of The Hive Within A Structure.


Once We Have Fond The Location Of The Hive. We Develop An Excavation Plan To Access The Beehive In The Safest And Easiest On Everybody.


Once We Have Access To The Hive We Begin To Suck Them Up In A  Specially Made “Bee Vac” That Will Safely Relocate Them Into A Bee Cage Without Damage. Once We Get To The Comb We Carefully Remove It. Most Of The Usable Pieces Of Comb Will Go Back With The Bees At Our Apiary.


Once We Have The Bees And The Comb We Relocate The Mis-Nested Hive To One Of Our Apiarys In Buckeye, Arizona.

#Valley Wide Arizona Live Bee Relocation and Raw Desert Honey#

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